Line Remembering

Programming languages remember the line that called the function.
""" Programming languages remembers the line of code that called 
a function. It returns to that line when the function 
finishes its execution.

def line_remembering_function():
    print('Line 08')
    print('Line 10')

def goto():
    print('Line 14 - return to first function')


    Line 08
    Line 14 - return to first function
    Line 10

Call Stack

The call stack is used to manage the order of function calls.
""" Stacks
A stack stores multiple values like a list. 
Stacks are LIFO data structure (last in, first out)

cards = []
cards.append('5'); print(' '.join(cards))
cards.append('3'); print(' '.join(cards))
cards.append('7'); print(' '.join(cards))
cards.pop();       print(' '.join(cards)) # Last in, First out

    5 3
    5 3 7
    5 3

Frame Objects

A frame object is a data structure that represents the state of a function call.
""" Frame objects
A Frame contain information about a single function call.
Frames are created and pushed onto the stack when function is called.

When the function returns, that frame is popped off the stack, 
and the previous frame object becomes the current one, 
resuming the execution of the calling function from where it left off.

def frame_objects(i=1):
   print('A Frame', 'No.', i)
   print('A Frame', 'No.', i)

def second_func(i):
   print('B Frame', 'No.', i)
   print('B Frame', 'No.', i)

def third_func(i):
   print('C Frame', 'No.', i)


   A Frame No. 1
   B Frame No. 2
   C Frame No. 3
   B Frame No. 2
   A Frame No. 1

Stack Overflow

The limit of stack size is 1000 function calls in Python.
""" Stack overflow
The limit of calls is called maximum recursion depth.
Stack overflows don't damage the computer, it just terminate the program.
For Python, this size is set to 1000.

def repeat():

repeat() # RecursionError: maximum recursion depth exceeded

Base Case

To avoid a crash there must be a base case.
""" Base case 
To avoid a crash, there must be a base case, 
where function stop calling itself and just returns.

The code in a recursive call can be split in two parts, 
before the recursive call and after recursive call.

def show_frame(i=1):
    print('Frame', i)

    if i == 3:
        print(i * " ", 'Base case')

    print(i * " ",'Recursive case', i)

    print(i * " ",'Recursive return', i)



Frame 1
  Recursive case 1
Frame 2
   Recursive case 2
Frame 3
    Base case
   Recursive return 2
  Recursive return 1


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