Last update:   29-10-2021

MyISAM tables

Only one write could be in progress at any time. Data in MyISAM tables is split between three different files on the disk. One for the table format, another for the data, and lastly a third for the indexes. Text/Blob fields are able to be fully-indexed which is of great importance to search functions. Innodb Tables    (2/5)

InnoDB tables

Are transaction-safe meaning data-integrity is maintained throughout the entire query process. Provides row-locking, as opposed to table-locking, meaning while one query is busy updating or inserting a row, another query can update a different row at the same time. These features increase multi-user concurrency and performance. Another great feature InnoDB tables is the ability to use foreign-key constraints. Because of its row-locking feature InnoDB is said to thrive in high load environments. Its CPU efficiency is probably not matched by any other disk-based relational database engine. Default Engine    (3/5)

Default engine

The default engine is InnoDB as of MySQL 5.5.5 (MyISAM before 5.5.5) Check Version    (4/5)

Check version

show variables like "%version%";
Convert To Innodb    (5/5)

Convert to InnoDB

Create database

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