Last update:   29-10-2021

Negated class character

! Something NOT 1...6 If you use [^..] instead of [..], the class matches any character that isn't listed. For example [^1-6] matches a character that's not 1 through 6.
Regex [^x] doesn't mean "match unless there is an x". But rather "match if there is something that is not x"

Negation vs start

NOT vs. start of the line. The ^ used here is the same as start-of-line caret. But the meaning is completely different.
^cat // find at start of the line

[^cat] // fint not ...


q[^u] matches Iraqi, Iraqian q[^u] doesn't match Qantas, because it called for a lower case q q[^u] doesn't match Iraq, because q is at the end (Newline character is not [^u]) Task

Regex to find letter in quotes in Text String

The letters in guotes are "a" and "g" and "z"
Regex to find lines that doesn't have numbers at the start of the line.

The letters in guotes are "a" and "g" and "z"

Any character

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