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1) Which is correct?

2) Which is correct?

3) Which is correct when parsing a stream?

printf() <?php printf ("The string is %s %s", "abc", "def"); // The string is abc def sprint() <?php echo $a = sprintf("The number is %d", "123"); // The number is 123 vsprintf() <?php echo vsprintf("The string is %s %s", array("abc", "def")); // The string is abc def // Operates as sprintf() but accepts an array of arguments, fprintf() <?php // write a formatted string to a stream if ($fd = fopen('date.txt', 'w')) { fprintf($fd, "%s-%s-%s", $y, $m, $d); } sscanf() <?php // instead of formatting output, it allows you to parse formatted input list($serial) = sscanf("SN/331122", "SN/%d"); echo $serial; // 331122 list($month, $day, $year) = sscanf("January 01 2012", "%s %d %d"); echo "$month - $day - $year"; // January - 1 - 2012