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Get magic method

    class A {
        public function __get($var) {
            return 2;

    $a = new A();
    echo $a->foo; // outputs 2
With __get() method you can keep track of variables which are not defined inside the class.

    class myController {

        private $_modelBroker = array();
        public function __get($var) {

            if (strstr($var, 'model')) {

                $modelKey = substr($var, 5);
                // variable is already registered or not
                if (in_array($modelKey, array_keys($this->_modelBroker))) {
                    return $this->_modelBroker[$modelKey];
                } else {
                    eval('$model = new Model_'.$modelKey.'();');
                    $this->_modelBroker[$modelKey] = $model;
                    return $model;

    class Model_Number {
        public $id = 123;
    $controller = new myController();
    echo $controller->modelNumber->id; // Output 123
        // __get is called, because modelNumber is undefined
The function names bellow are magical in PHP classes.

__construct(), __destruct(),
__call(), __callStatic(), 
__get(), __set(), 
__isset(), __unset(), 
You cannot have functions with these names in any of your classes unless you want the magic functionality associated with them.


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