Version Control

Is a system that records changes to a file in order to recall later. It is used mostly in software industry but you can be used with any file. For example, you can keep track on every version of an image or layout.

Local Version Control

The common approach is to copy the file in different directory. Programmers developed local CVS, a simple database. The next major issue was when people needed to collaborate.

Server Version Control

A single server with all version files and many clients to check out files. For many years this was the standard of version control. But if the server goes down for an hour, nobody can collaborate.

Distributed Version Control

Clients don't just check out the latest snapsot of a file. They fully mirror the repository, including its full history. In 2005 Linus Torvald, the creator of Linux, developed the new tool named Git.
2. What is git
01 . Version control
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